How To Organize a Unique Holiday Party


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If you're planning on throwing a company holiday party for your employees this year, try your best to stray from the same unoriginal party ideas that every office across the U.S. is considering, too. Rather than allowing everyone to spend their lunch break eating a piece of boring cake instead of their regular lunch, really take some time and plan a unique and fun holiday party. Your workers deserve it.

Here's how:

Determine Party Budget
This is simple enough but not a lot of business owners take the year's finances into consideration when planning a party. If you don't properly budget, you might end up either spending too much money at the last minute or only spending the bare minimum, which your employees will realize and probably not appreciate. Figure out how much you can spare (especially if it's been a good year for the company) and shell out enough money to ensure a fun party. Once you have your budget finalized, you can start planning the party itself.

Contact Catering Companies
For businesses here in Santa Clara, checking out some catering venues in Santa Clara is a great way to ensure a unique party. If you can, don't just throw the party inside your office like you're Michael Scott and the Party Planning Committee. Check out some high quality catering and events venues and show your employees how much you really care. The best catering companies Santa Clara has to offer will help your party be a success and organize fun, interactive party activities for your workers to enjoy.

Team Building Activities
You'll want some activities and team building exercises to break the ice and get the party started. Many catering companies offer creative and fun team building exercises like group pizza making or craft cocktail making. Team building activities can help an individual employee feel much more connected to your organization, resulting in a more engaged staff (and a better party!). According to a recent Gallup survey, engaged employees could actually boost a company's productivity performance by as much as 200% over a similar company with disengaged employees. Have fun with your team -- you will all benefit from it.

Specialty Drink Packages
Still looking for fun company holiday party ideas? You'll need enough food and drinks for everyone to be happy, but you can up the ante with specialty drink packages. You can choose from craft beer tastings, build your own cocktail bars, and custom cocktails designed just for your hardworking employees. If you really want to impress everyone, however, toss in the old standby, an ice cream sundae bar.

Don't just have the same boring holiday party this year -- mix it up and have a little fun with your staff. If you want to check out the best catering companies Santa Clara has to offer, contact Crafty Beverages today.