Enough With the Boring Ceremony: 4 Tips to Have Original Weddings


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Every weekend in the U.S., roughly 44,230 weddings take place. Though there are so many weddings occurring every month, so many of them are exactly the same. Each wedding has the same amount of guests (plus or minus a few), follows the same schedule, and looks and feels exactly alike.

You want to make sure your wedding is a truly memorable experience (especially the reception) -- following suit and just doing what everyone else does won't really achieve that goal. Here are a few things to consider that might lead to a more original and amazing wedding.

Choose eccentric wedding venues

There are amazing wedding venues in Santa Clara, California that will be perfect for you and your guests. Don't just book the same place that everyone you know who got married went to, check out the luxurious places in Santa Clara and book your wedding and reception there.

Hire beverage catering companies

By having fully licensed and insured beverage catering professionals handling the bar at your wedding, you and your guests will be able to enjoy much more delicious drinks thought the night. Rather than just drinking light beers or bad wine all night, take place in a premium Bay Area bar experience with hand crafted drinks.

Only invite people you like

The average wedding has about 165 guests, which is fine if you and your fiancé truly have 165 people you both love. If you really want to have a magical night, consider only inviting a handful of fiends and family members, and not every acquaintance you've made over the last 15 years.

Take advantage of technology

You could get creative with all the technology you have available to you -- so don't waste it. Think about video streaming your ceremony, having a creative wedding hashtag, a fun caption contest during the reception, and brainstorm other technological options. If you take some time to really figure out how to best use technology to your advantage, you can truly create something original and special.

Don't just have the same kind of wedding that everyone else has done over the last few decades. Get creative and have fun with your special day. If you want to check out quality wedding venues or work with catering professionals, contact Crafty Beverages today.