5 Reasons to Leave the Bartending to the Professionals


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At any event, whether it be for family or for business, people like to drink. Providing alcohol for these events can get expensive. Whether you are planning for corporate venues in Santa Clara, or a relaxed barn wedding in Texas, it's important to understand your alcohol needs.

About 2.4 million weddings are performed in the United States every year. That's a lot of booze. Some people try to cut the cost of the bar at a wedding by bringing their own booze. Although this may seem alluring to some, here are some reasons to leave the bartending to the professions at your wedding, according to WeddingWire.

Some wedding venues or corporate venues in Santa Clara require you to purchase extra insurance through the venue in order to protect them from possible damage. When guests consume alcohol and there is not a professional bartender on the scene, things can get ugly, and wedding venues want to have a cushion for that. This can get rather expensive, counteracting the money you might save by bringing your own alcohol.

Liquor License
Many venues, similar to insurance, require you to get a liquor license to serve your own alcohol. This can be a complicated process. You first at to learn the laws for your location. Then there are several forms to fill out, which takes time. After submitting these forms and waiting for a reply, your application may not even be accepted.

Local Laws
Asa briefly stated before, you have to learn the local laws for your location. State, county, and even city laws could be affecting the BYOB fate of your wedding.

This is a big one. When a professional bartending team is behind the bar at your wedding, there are no worries. They are trained to spot when that one particular wedding guest has had too much to drink. They also know exactly how much liquor goes in a signature cocktail, so you don't have to worry about your guests being overserved. This will ease your mind for many reasons. Guests will not be overly intoxicated. Drunk driving is reduced, the venue stays clean of the buffet dinner coming back up, and no one has to go to the hospital to get their stomach pumped.

Wedding planning is incredibly stressful. It has taken you months, if not years, to get to this special day. The list that you have completed is about 10 miles long. Do you really want to add more to that list by having to plan the bar at your wedding?

So remember, whether you are planning an event at corporate venues in Santa Clara, or a relaxed barn wedding in Texas, considered outsourcing your bar!