4 Tips to Ensure a Memorable Corporate Event



Whether you're an established Silicon Valley CEO or are planning your startup's launch party, it's important that you take organizing any corporate event seriously. After all, you want your event to be memorable -- for the right reasons.

More than $122 billion is spent every year throwing corporate events, company parties, and celebratory meetings. Your brand's image carries more weight than just about anything in today's competitive marketplace, so having embarrassing corporate events and lackluster parties is a surefire way to ruin your reputation. Hopefully, some of these tips will help you plan and execute a successful and entertaining corporate party.

Find an Outdoor Party Venue
Finding corporate venues that provide a good blend of professional, classy, and easygoing can be tricky, but as long as you do a little browsing during your planning process, you should find a great spot. Focus on a venue that has a large outdoor patio so your guests won't feel overcrowded. Especially in places like California, outdoor space is always appreciated by partygoers.

Work With a Professional Catering Company
Catering and events should go hand in hand. Rather than worrying about making your own food, making enough food, and making food that your guests will actually enjoy, let professionals take care of all that. Of course, not all catering companies are created equally. Carefully research catering services in your area to make sure you can serve food that matches the ambiance of your event.

Serve Handcrafted Beverages and Cocktails
An easy way to maintain a classy yet fun vibe is to serve handcrafted alcoholic drinks to your employees and your guests. Custom cocktails aren't just great Instagram fodder, but they will also help loosen up your guests when the party first starts. Working with a full service beverage catering company will help you create an engaging event atmosphere with exceptional drinks for everyone to enjoy.

Have a Backup Plan (For Everything)
As you and your team of event planners begin organizing all the details of your upcoming corporate celebration, be sure to plan for something going wrong. Hopefully, nothing will go wrong and the entire night will be a wonderful success. But it's certainly wise to be prepared for the worst. Have extra snacks and drinks ready to go, beware any strange weather that might be approaching, and have contingency plans in place to make this night a success for all.

Whatever the reason for your celebration, make sure that it's a night that you, your employees, and everyone in attendance will never forget. And if you want to work with experienced, full service beverage catering companies in Santa Clara, CA, contact Crafty Beverages today.