3 Great Tips for the Perfect Wedding Weekend


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The holidays are over and love is in the air. If you’re one of the lucky couples who decided to tie the not and recently got engaged, it’s time for the fun part: planning your wedding. Though you’re going to experience some stressful setbacks during the planning process (as everyone does), keep your head up because it will all be well worth it once you marry the partner of your dreams.

Hopefully, these three tips will at least help limit the stress as you plan your wedding. Here are some great things that will lead to the perfect weekend:

Find beautiful wedding venues in Santa Clara
Though you can certainly have a wonderful wedding anywhere, if you choose venues in Santa Clara, you and everyone in attendance will truly be blown away by how breathtakingly beautiful everything is. Make sure to browse for these special venues and book them as early as possible because they fill up fast.

Let mixology and catering companies handle the food and drinks
Having to take care of all the food and beverages yourself during your wedding day and weekend can be a nightmare, so let the professionals take care of it. You can find some of the best premium bars Santa Clara has to offer and catering and mixology specialists to ensure a classy and great night of fun. Roughly 20% of couples now choose specialty cocktails that represent their own personalities to be served at their wedding reception.

Only invite your favorite people
If you’ve imagined a massive wedding since you were a little kid, you might want to tweak those dreams a little bit for your actual wedding. Sure, those gigantic weddings can look amazing in photos, but let’s be honest, you probably don’t really like that many people. The majority of the people you might think to invite to your wedding are probably just acquaintances or Facebook friends. You don’t have to invite them just to fill expensive seats at your wedding. Since you’ll be splurging on other aspects of your special weekend, try to limit your guests to only people you truly want to be there with you. Family, close friends, and of course, your spouse-to-be should be all you need during your wedding weekend, everyone else is just an expensive dinner plate.

Good luck as you plan your wedding and remember to have as much fun as possible! If you want to check out some quality venues in Santa Clara as well as mixology professionals, contact Crafty Beverages today.